First phase

The first phase is an intensive adjustment care. Once identified the cause of the symptoms , the objective of this phase is to relieve pain and / or to reduce the symptomatology as soon as possible. The goal of this phase is to stop the degenerative process of the spine.

Second phase

The second phase is a corrective adjustment care and is in the continuity of the treatment of symptoms. The objective of this phase is to correct subluxation responsible of the original problem. This phase will allow your spine to find a better structural balance.

Third phase

The third phase is marked by a significant relief of symptoms. Chiropractic treatment must be followed to restore completely the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Stopping the treatment at this stage will bring the patient to a relapse because presenting no symptoms doesn’t mean that the patient is cured. During this phase, the adjustments will help find a spinal biomechanics close to normal, with flexibility and optimal mobility.

At the end of this phase the doctor reassess the patient by comparing the results with the first examination. The doctor will review the advice given during the different phases, and show you how to introduce the changes necessary to maintain your health for a long period of time. At this point, the doctor will recommend a periodic chiropractic care to maintain the spinal biomechanics and optimal functions of your body.


Our daily life exposes us to a significant amount of physical stress but also metabolic and emotional. The chiropractic prevention phase is very important and will be determined by the results achieved during treatment.