The first consultation consists in different steps. First of all, we take all the general information of the patient, then, we need to study all the patient history and habits in order to identify the nature of his problem and see if we can provide a concrete solution without taking any risk for the patient.

To perform this procedure, we need to make a complete clinical examination (physical, postural, orthopedic and neurological tests). Before, giving the diagnosis, if it’s necessary, the doctor can perform additional tests (x-rays, blood tests, MRI…).

You will receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

The second consultation consists in reevaluating the patient condition, delivery of the report of findings, complementary exams explanation (MRI, X-Rays, CT, etc…), recommendations and exercises description.

The fee of the first consultation is 220 000 COP

X-rays are generally more useful to diagnose with precision and give the most efficient chiropractic´s care. It will allow us to evaluate the region of the spine and to study the degeneration´s level. With all the information, we´ll be able to plan an adaptive treatment to the patient (visit ´s number, frequency).


The chiropractic adjustment is characterized by a specific thrust applied to the vertebra in order to restore mobility and eliminate nerve interference the goal of chiropractic is to stop the degenerative process of the spine caused by vertebral subluxations.

In a first step, the subluxation cause a spinal loss of motion before generating significant disorders on spinal discs and joints.

In other words, vertebral subluxations are responsible for premature aging of your spine. The vertebral subluxation : is the term applied to a vertebra which has lost its normal position and/or motion in relation to neighboring vertebrae.

Vertebrae which do not function properly within the spinal framework generate mechanical stress. Because of the direct mechanical and physiological relationship between the spinal column and the spinal nerve roots, the vertebral subluxations as well as other spinal abnormalities have the potential to impair proper nerve functioning. Once nerve functioning is compromised, communication within the body becomes less effective jeopardizing the overall health and wellness of the individual.

The chiropractic adjustment is quick, effective and painless. It may seem intense, but never dangerous. If it´s necessary, we ll realize complementary exams(MRI, CT, X-Rays, Echo, etc..).

Depending of your diagnosis, health condition and results to the chiropractic treatment, the doctor will evaluate a chiropractic maintenance care.